PRODUCTGlass for special use

One way perspective glass

One way perspective glass is one kind of glass with higher reflectivity to visible light. When one side of the glass is bright and the reverse side dark, view from the dark side is workable, but from the bright side people can see nothing. It ensures the observer to see straight through the glass, but in the contrary side people only can see a regular glass mirror.


· Color: Silver white, silver grey

· Thickness (Single panel): 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

· Thickness of Laminated: 3+3mm, 4+4mm, 6+6mm, etc.

· Max size: 3660*2440mm or customized

· Tempered and Laminated  is available


· Hidden observation windows & holes  · Police office

· Prison  · Court  · Entertainment place  · Office & meeting room

· School  · Hospital  · Studio  · Other special place

Installation condition:

· The light is dark in the side of observer  One way perspective glass

· The light is sufficient (LED, Sunlight) in the side being observed

· The ratio of lights between the both sides of one way perspective glass is 1:10