PRODUCTLow-e glass

Low-E Glass

(Low Emissivity Coated Glass)

Low-E coated glass is a kind of specialty float glass with excellent functional performance characteristics of solar control. It is made by online pyrolytic coated technology and offline magnetron sputtering vacuum deposition technology on the surface of float glass. Such glass is generally coated with various metal or and other compound depositions on the glass surface. It is new generation of energy efficient environmental friendly building mater, so it is a trend that ordinary glass will replaced by Low-E coated glass.


· Excellent heat preservation and heat insulation: reduce energy dissipation to improve the heating efficiency and save heating coat effectively in winter; prevent the outer thermal radiation entering into the room inside and maintain cooler environment to save conditioner cost effectively in summer· Selective transmittance for visible light: high visible light transmittance and moderate visible light transmittance according to practical purposes· Selective solar transmittance: high solar transmittance(suitable for cold climate zones) very low solar transmittance(suitable for cold climate zones)· High reflectance against far infrared: lower U value with excellent insulation properties· UV block: properly reduce UV transmittance and avoid fade of furniture and textile· Abundant colors to meet different aesthetic requirements


Windows and doors, refrigerator door.


· By mode of production: online pyrolytic Low-E coated glass and offline magnetron sputtering Low-E coated glass.· By mode of function: high transmission Low-E coated glass, sun shield Low-E coated glass, double silver Low-E coated glass and energy saving related compound glass




Clear, Ultra Clear, Grey, Blue grey, Bronze, Double silver, etc.

Max size:

3660 X 2440mm

Normal size:

1650 X 2140mm, 1830 X 2440mm, 3300 X 2134mm,

2134 X 3660mm, 2440 X 3300mm, 2440 X 3660mm, etc.

Quality standard:

GB/T 14915.2, Chinese standard

EN1096, European standard