Package type:

● General wood crate/ case/ box

● End cap wood crate/ case/ box

● Plywood crate/ case/ box

● Paper carton

Powder or moisture proof paper interleaved between each 2 pieces of glass, easy handling wood or plywood crates with metal band to ensure the convenient and safety storage. The packing is suitable for long-distance ocean and inland transportation.

1.Wood crate:

Wood crate (Smaller size)

Wood crate (Bigger size)

Wood crate ( Cutting size)

Crate packing loading

2.End cap:

End cap (Smaller size)

End cap (Bigger size)

End cap (Cutting size)

End cap packing loading

3.Powder or moisture proof paper with plastic film:

Normal packing with plastic film

Aluminium-foil paper packing

Paper packing inside for cutting glass

Cork packing & corner protector for tempered glass

4.Metal band:

Metal band

Metal band for package and loading

Metal band for fixing

Metal band for loading

5.Plywood fumigation-free case:

Plywood case

Plywood case for processing glass

Plywood case for cutting mirror

Plywood cases loading

6.Paper carton:

Paper carton for chopping board

Paper carton for glass shelf

Paper carton for glass shelf loading

Paper carton loading

7.Customized packing:

Palletizing for glass shelf to Spain

Plywood case for processing glass

Totally closed case for glass

Tempered glass door packing & loading

8.Different kinds of products mixed into container:

Locks mix with glass

Laptop bags mix with glass

Handkerchief paper mix with glass

Freezer mix with glass

Fumigation with marks is available according to client’s requirement. Honestar well trained team is constantly evolving the packing and loading techniques to ensure easier off-loading, minimal breakage and other safeguards when you receive your order.